Chimney Repairs and Fireplace Renovation

Most homes around here feature a chimney,  often more than one. In  New England we use our chimneys for different purposes.

Most homes  around here will have a central heating system, often fueled by oil or gas. Quite often there is a fireplace as well. Chimneys can be  of  single flue or multi flue  construction.  It is common to find the same chimney serving  more than one fireplace. Fireplace and heating system combinations are common. Flues are separate channels within your chimney designed to vent exhaust combustion gases to the outside.  The same flue should not vent more than one system and different types of fuel should not  share  the same flue. Chimneys must endure many years of  "wear and tear".   Not only the exterior is subject to  natural deterioration from the elements, the inner channels/flues can get worn out from exhaust gas corrosion, deposits and moisture. It is important to maintain a chimney in order to safely exhaust toxic products of combustion  and  to keep masonry structure sound. Flues are made of  stacked flue tiles generally made of clay. These tiles are durable but eventually they will start to corrode and break.  Once  a chimney flue fails, it must be repaired or relined. Since it is not practical to replace the total length of  flue tiles,  chimney flues are most commonly relined with stainless steel (oil, wood or gas burning) or aluminum (gas only) liners.  A quality stainless steel liner properly maintained will last  a lifetime. Most modern high efficiency heating furnaces and boilers will also  perform better with a properly sized chimney liner.  If you are planning on replacing your heating  system, make sure that you to reline your chimney flue as well.  Today's high efficiency systems are not  flue tile friendly. Their exhaust temperatures are much lower, therefore the exhaust travels through the flue at a slower pace(low draft), creating lots of condensation inside the flue. This moisture mixed with deposits create an acidic environment that will quickly deteriorate clay flues.

All modern stoves and fireplace inserts most likely require the chimney flue to be relined as well.

Many chimney problems can be avoided with proper maintenance. 

Chimney caps,  masonry waterproofing, flashing sealant, chimney crown sealant.

A chimney cap can  prevent many problems down the road.  Every chimney should have a cap!

All caps  we install come with a lifetime warranty against corrosion.

We use professional grade  chimney  products. To get more information regarding  chimney  maintenance products we use,  visit  the Chimney Saver website.

if your Chimney is  already  damaged, we can help.

We perform masonry repairs from Spring time to Early Fall, weather and scheduling permitting.

We specialize in chimney and fireplace restoration and renovation.

Please keep in mind that our masonry  repair schedule tends to book up quickly, when Spring arrives.

If you need repairs, best to contact us  now.

We offer free estimates  within our service area.