Want to add a fireplace to your living space?

No problem, we can add a fireplace even if you do not have a chimney!

Today's modern fireplaces come in various sizes and configurations.

If you want to burn wood, we can frame in an efficient  and clean burning fireplace.  Wood fireplaces will require venting all the way to the roof line, so keep this in mind when selecting  location for your  fireplace. Typically, you want to place  it  by an outside wall, or plan to have a chase built in.  Wood burning  has its charm and ambience. There is nothing  like a wood fire. But keep in mind that wood burning  requires  more work, more tending to the fire, and more maintenance.

Most modern  gas burning fireplaces  use a "direct-vent' venting configuration. This  means that you can simply vent it through an outside wall without going all the way up to the roof line. This makes gas fireplace installations easier. More flexibility on where to place the fireplace is also a big advantage of a direct-vent fireplace.  Don't have gas in the house?

Most gas-burning fireplaces can be converted to propane gas. Contact your local propane supplier to  add  propane to your home.

We offer many options for your fireplace choice.

Please visit  manufacturers websites for some inspiration and specifications: