Yup, this is how it all started...two avid fishermen and their love for the outdoors.

Nuno and Eric are still the current owners and very much involved in Lunkers daily operations.

Unfortunetely, their fishing time has been reduced due to the business, but anytime they can they are out there casting a line.

Lunkers is one of very few local tackle shops that has survived the mega store competition and internet business.  When you need live bait and personal customer service, these guys will take care of you.

We'll show you the latest lures and techniques to keep you catching the "lunkers".  We welcome anglers of all ages and are happy to share our 'fishing spots" with you. 

Did you know that our bait shop is open all year-round?

We carry quality freshwater and saltwater gear, ice fishing gear and some camping supplies.

Unheard of in today's retail world, we also repair rods and reels. Try to get that service at the big stores...

We will always welcome kids and will take the time to teach you how to rig that rod and reel, pick up the right lure.

Sorry, catching the fish is not guaranteed...but we'll try our best to get you on the water with the right stuff.

Live bait:

Shiners, Night Crawlers, Dillies, Trout worms, Meal worms

Live Eels( special order), Crayfish(special order).

Frozen saltwater bait:

Mackeral, Herring(when available), Bunker,Squid, Clams.

Trout Stocked all around. 5/3/19

Reports of some nice sized browns, rainbows and tiger being caught in our local waters. 

Stripers are beginning to show up to the south...they're coming!